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Innovative DermaActive Ingredients:
Sulphur  Microencapsulated
Titanium Dioxide  Microencapsulated
Vitamin C . Microencapsulated
Zinc Oxide 

Innovative Microencapsulated DermaActive Ingredient

USP Titanium Dioxide

     Natural raw material, Titanium Dioxide, in the form of water-soluble emulsion/suspension for Dermatological and Pharmaceutical Applications is formulated using Down Pore® our US registered microencapsulation process that gives the product excellent skin  penetration and protection properties. 


     Titanium Dioxide offers broad-spectrum of protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Titanium Dioxide is approved by the FDA for use in cosmetics products applied to the skin, eye and lip areas. Being the most common whitening ingredient on the market, microencapsulated Titanium Dioxide is water soluble product and can be  added to any lotion or soap formula.

Titanium Dioxide used in the product is an extra-fine UPS grade with a fine particle size of less than 1 micron. Controlled size particles give it excellent dispersiblility, soothing skin effect and a transparency on the skin. This titanium dioxide is specially made for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications such as make-up products and high SPF sun care products. Unlike chemical UVR protective ingredients (OMC, PABA), Titanium Dioxide is gentle and can be used on hypersensitive skin surfaces.


Advantages of microencapsulated USP Titanium Dioxide

·        it is in the form of water-soluble complex emulsion/suspension with excellent penetration properties

·         it can be used in any formulation for the production of beauty care and pharmaceutical products

·        it is stable and no oxidation will occur with time to the final product

·        it can be simply added to the final product at room temperature without changing the whole process.